Disease Prevention – A Historical Overview

B A Ochia As coronavirus pandemic is racing throughout the world, governments and the people are applying all available measures, including lock-down, social-isolation, working from home,  closing of universities, colleges and schools, frantic search for vaccine and, business suspension. The continual heroism shown by heath worker has been applauded in many  countries.  This is what mankind does when […]

Thought for the Month

Thought for the Month It is the daftest form of prejudice to be prejudicial against which one will oneself become” – Alex Comfort Bartholomew A Ochia We, as mortals, are subjected to biological ageing which is measured in terms of our previous lifestyles, and the effects of these lifestyles on the cellular processes which have […]


GENETIC MODIFICATION Bartholomew A. Ochia Scientists have learned over the last few decades how to isolate genes from various organisms, and transfer them to others, thus modifying the genetic make-up of the recipients. The methods of genetic modification (GM) have elicited unprecedented discussions among scientists and the general public. The explanation for that extraordinary situation […]

Thought for the Month: “Everything is poison, unless used in moderation.” – Paracelsus (1495-1541)

B A Ochia When a son was born to Tony Blair, Bill Clinton, the Former US President, congratulated the Former Prime Minister and remarked that there was a boy who had every chance to live to be one hundred years old. Clinton was right in his remark.  In nearly every developed country life expectancy is increasing imperceptibly, […]

How old are you?

Dear Reader

, May I start off this letter by asking you this simple question: How old are you?  But before you answer, to yourself, let me remind you that there are three broad aspects to the question. The first is your chronological age.  It measures how old you are in terms of calendar years. The […]