All we are saying is: Give genetic modification of plants a chance. On August 10, 1998 a World in Action television programme mentioned experiments performed by Arpad Pusztai at the then Rowett Research Institute established in Bucksburn, Aberdeen. Dr Pusztai had apparently¬† demonstrated that rats fed on genetically altered raw potatoes had impaired growth and […]

Paracelsus – Part One – His early life and career

Paracelsus – Philippus Aureolus Theophrastus Bombast(us) von Hohenheim Part One – His early life and career Bartholomew A Ochia The beginning of the sixteenth century ushered in an era of free thought, an epoch when people could express novel ideas and conceptions without fear of retribution from established authorities. The mental turpitude that characterised the […]


  Fluoride in Human Nutrition Abstract The fundamental determinants of oral health are related to the consumption of non-milk sugars and the effective control of plaques in the mouth. Other factors that influence oral health include optimal exposure of fluoride and the appropriate use of good-quality dental care. Although all these factors can be modified […]